Friday, 26 June 2015

Jamaa Journal, June 25, Vol 149

Hey Jammers, Wolfetter back with another, new Jamaa Journal! Volume 149 no less.

In this HUGE update, LLAMAS are finally here!

That's right ladies and gentlemen, what we've all been waiting for is finally here! Unfortunately, they cost diamonds... I really wish that AJ would at LEAST make another 'Deer Move', and surprise us by making one for gems. Even just once! Shame.

Anyway, there's a new contest hidden in the Jamaa News, but this time it isn't for boring old den items. We get the chance to choose our own new PET!! Will it be a tough-but-cute Armadillo, shelled with a cool covering? Or maybe a KAWAII elephant, with sweet trunk and ears? Or perhaps a gorgeous Peacock, to show off with a vibrant twist?

Personally, I'm utterly in love with the peacock, so I voted for them. But, looking back... The armadillo is so cute, as is the elephant... It's so hard to decide!!!!

On a different note, the freedom items are back in season! Head over to the summer carnival where the ENTIRE Plushie booth is now freedom-coated! 

And the freedom fun doesn't stop there. We've also ALL BEEN INVITED to a new party, the Freedom Party! Available to all Jammers, go have a blast on the Fourth of July.

No, no wait don't go! There's even more! AJ has created a new MINIBOOK, all about llamas this time. If any of you haven't heard of the Minibooks, head on over to The Chamber of Knowledge to have a peek at them. They're really fascinating books all about our favourite animals, so it's worth a look.

Next, Animal Jam are advertising the epic RAINBOW ARMOUR! This colourful set is begging to be  bought at the diamond shop, for the regular prices. I just love this collection! It's different, colourful, and just bursting with fun.

For more AJ News, the new adventure, Battle for the Beacon, has more den items added in for Jammers to win.

And finally, it's your last chance to pick up an adorable Spring Bunny!
I kinda forgot about these guys... 
You can collect your Bunny at all good stores, and along with the animal, you also get membership and three cool rabbit-tastic items too!

Well, wasn't this update eventful? Comment below what you think of it, or maybe chat about it in our new CHAT SYSTEM, which all Jammers can use! Remember, follow the rules to have a better time and have fun!

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