Sunday, 28 June 2015

Freedom Party

Hi Jammers! The new llama-licious update has brought with it the recurring FREEDOM PARTY!
Of course, every party needs they're shops. Why not start with the den items?

Ooh, what lovely colours! This year, we're adding yellow in, apparently! I like the new items, but I wonder if we'll get the classic back... I hope so, that would mean even more freedom!!!

Now, over to the clothing item pages.  Be prepared for a firework of red, white and blue!

These are some lurrrvly items! I'm particularly fond of that hood and feather... Wait, what's up with...

Woah, woah woah WHAT? It's a nice hat but what...



Good on you AJ! It's nice to know that AJ feels that everyone should be in on the Freedom spirit, no matter how many gems they have! What annoys me though is that it's still members- only. Why, Why, WHY did AJ HQ do that? Very odd.

Even worse, the only non-member thing is a star-table, which is rather expensive! Well, it's still a great party to celebrate, and you should go check it out!

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