Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Majestic Pictures :3

Hey Jammers, and yeah, the title is completely right! This is all about how to take a pretty/cool picture of your animal on AJ. Hey, don't look at me like that! There was nothing happening today... 

First up, how do you even take a picture? Well, I use Snipping Tool, which usually comes pre-downloaded on every laptop and PC. I'll be using that today ^ -^

Here are some of mine: 

So, how do you make pictures like these? Easy, follow these step by step instructions:

STEP ONE: Choose the animal you would like to use and decorate it as you want. (I'm just using a boring, pink and black fox)

     STEP TWO:  Decide what the theme will be: Elegant, Pretty, Cool, Funny, Party...      There are loads to choose from! The theme will affect where you shoot the photos.        (For me, it's going to be pretty)

     STEP THREE: Go to where you'd like to take the picture. Elegant: Mt. Shiveer,          Pretty: Kimbara Outback, Cool: Jamaa Township, Funny: Sarepia Forest, Party: A        Party, Mysterious: Appondale, Cute: Crystal Sands, Hot: Coral Canyons, Other:            Coral Canyons. (I'm off to Kimbara Outback!)

      STEP FOUR: In the world that you're in, go to a position where you think it suits         your category or just looks nice. Do an action, and if you like the picture you snip         it by clicking 'New'.

     STEP FIVE: If you're happy with your picture, go ahead and save it under any            name that you think fits, and then you're done! If you want, you could add a cool          filter or caption. Here's my finished result. ^. ^


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