Sunday, 16 April 2017

New Items, and a Great Easter Finale!

Good day, Jammers, and happy Easter! Wolfetter here with some super exciting news regarding our favourite Easter eggs. If you bought your eggs the day they came out, they will be hatching.. TODAY! That's right, we'll finally get to find out if the rumours are true. What do you think is in the eggs? 

As you can see, the eggs are showing some bright white eyes peeking through the egg... I'm soooo excited!! 

But now, for the new items.

There's a new 'Spring Tail' in Jam Mart Clothing, which comes in the colours below; 

New items and AJA - Create a Terrarium!

Hey Jammers! Today, I'm showing you a few new items that have appeared around Jamaa.

First up, there are two new items in Jam Mart Furniture

(Left to right) Mossy Stone Pathway and a Large Nest.

The mossy stone pathway comes in 8 colours; grey, red, green, yellow, blue, orange, black and pink. The large nest only comes in brown (shown above)

Friday, 14 April 2017

Animal Jam Updates - April 13, Vol 196

Heya Jammers! I hope you've been having a great fry-day! Today, we have a big update that lots of us are super excited about... the JAMAA EGGSTRAVAGANZA! And boy, this is massive!

Taking up the first page is the introduction to the event

What really interested me was the fact that these pets are a mystery! That means you can't choose which pet you're going to get, and these pets might even be completely new!
Let's turn over to page 2, for more info.

Unfortunately, these cool new eggs are in the diamond shop, and are members only, but honestly... It seems worth it! Everyone is scrambling to get a hold on these eggs. The eggs are three diamonds each, and are customizable (the shell, anyway) so you can even make your egg match your outfit.
Click 'discover this post' to see what eggs I have and all about the animals moving in and out of Jamaa!

New egg pets.. Leaked??

Hey Jammers! As you know, these new mystery eggs have taken Jamaa by storm. But if there's one 
thing we've been wondering about.. WHAT'S IN 'EM? But first...

People have been debating everywhere, wondering what the new pets will be
(Also, btw, when you go in water.. The egg gets a float. <3)

Also, the nests of eggs are now in every land so you can buy eggs EVERYWHERE!!

Click 'Discover this post' to find out the LEAKED PETS!

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Animal Jam Updates - March 30, Vol 195

Hey guys! Today, I'm going to be going through the March 30th update of the Jamaa Journal. I know I'm really late, but better late than never! Read below for a competition, as well as all the info about this new update.

On the front page of the Journal, an advertisement for the new Liza's Garden!! 

And I'm not gonna lie, this looks so peaceful and zen. I really love the colours - blue, white and gold really remind me of the friendly panda alpha that we all know and love.

You can buy this beautiful retreat for 7 diamonds in the diamond shop, and honestly, I think it's worth it. I especially love the wide river that runs in front of the garden. Imagine if you had this in real life! It would look gorgeous!

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Yup, it's been a while...

But I'm officially BACK! I will be starting to post again immediately - after an entire YEAR! I lost hope a while ago, but I think it's time to get this blog up and running again. Let's get this bubble floating once more!

- Wolfetter