Thursday, 25 June 2015

New Summer Carnival Items

Heyyyy Jammers! Of course, it's Wolfetter here and today we've got some new items over at the Summer Carnival, Jamaa's best party.
Lets kick things off at the PLUSHIE BOOTH. It's a super-sweet rabbit plushie! This cute fellow comes in 7 PAWSOME colours, including sunset gold, luminous pink, mysterious red and an icy blue.
750 Tickets in the Plushie Booth
We also have a few more plushies in the booth. The turtle duo has arrived, along with the octopus team!

But the fun doesn't halt at the plushies, oh no! Heading over to the Carnival Clothing Sale, we've got a STACK of new, jamtastic items to spice up the Summer even more. For those who are fans of the classic items, the Star and Moon hats are back in town for 2,000 tickets each.

2,000 Tickets at Carnival Clothing
  Not forgetting the classic stegosaurus set either, prices high at 2,500 Tickets for each piece.

That's all for right now Jammers, have a happy Wednesday  and JAM ON!

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