Saturday, 15 August 2015

Silky Scarf outfits!

What's up Jammers? It's Wolfetter here with a new post! I realised that I haven't done an outfit post for quite a while, so I thought that we could change that! The new item, Silky Scarf, is going to be the focus on today's entry.

Available at Jam Mart Clothing, this item is regal and beautiful! 

So, what outfits can we create with this?

New banner!!

What do you think guys? All credit goes to Kinyonga

Monday, 10 August 2015

Animal Jam Updates: National Honeybee Day!

Hello Jammers! Whew, what a long break that was! It's not like me to be away from you lovely people for so long.

Today's update: National Honeybee day!

YAY! Honeybees are so pretty,  they're one of my favourite animals so it's nice to see them bee