Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Animal Jam Updates: Pet Piglets!

Hey Jammers! Wolfy here C:

I am so so SO sorry, I haven't posted since the last update... Oops! I really am so sorry, hope you forgive me and carry on reading.

Anyway, It's a new update... YAY! The 148th Jamaa Journal is here and it's full of CUTENESS. We have a new pet joining Jamaa, and it's no other than an adorable piggy!!!!!

Look at these little fellas. I just want to SQUEEZE them and CUDDLE them forever and ever, they're so so cute! I think I might get one...
As always, these new pets are available in the Diamond Shop for 3 Diamonds. I think that AJ is putting too much into the Diamond Shop, do you guys? Leave a comment below if you want for pets for gems, or maybe even more pets for non members!


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