Tuesday, 23 June 2015


 Hey Jammers! So, some people have requested I do a page on codes, and I think that that's a brilliant idea! So, here they are.
I'm sorry if some of these have expired: I'm a little out of date!

explorer- 100 Gems
ajbday4- 4th Birthday Cake
adventure- 500 Gems
ngk2015- 1,000 Gems
winter- 500 Gems
pets- 500 Gems
newyear15- 500 Gems
ajrocks- 500 Gems
outback- 500 Gems
twelve- 1 Diamond

Don't know how to submit a code? Instructions are below.

Submitting a code is easy, and all it takes is four steps and a couple of clicks.

{Step One} 

Log out of your Animal Jam fun and head to the Home Page. 

{Step Two}

Put in your username and password, but don't log in just yet!

{Step Three}

Hit the 'I Have a Code to Enter' box, and enter your code.

{Step Four}

Log in to get your prize and enjoy!

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