Thursday, 14 May 2015

Jamaa Journal, May 12, Vol 146

Hey Jammers, Wolfetter back with a new UPDATE! It's odd that this one was on a Wednesday and not a Thursday. Have they changed it? Who knows!
Well, back on topic, cheetahs are BACK! 

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Animal Jam Updates: Cheetahs are back!

Hiya Jamaa, it's Wolfetter with another AJ Update, and our fast felines are back! Did you miss them? They've returned to the Diamond Shop for 10 Diamonds each. Do any of you think that the diamond animals are a bit pricey? I do, It would be much more reasonable to have them at 6 or 7 diamonds, but 10? 

Sunday, 10 May 2015

New Post Signature!

Hey Jammers! I really shouldn't be so excited, but I have a post signature now! Do you like it?
Comment what you think of it!
That's really all I'm going to say, as it's late at night where I am, so I'll see you tomorrow.
Have a JAMTASTIC day!

Glitches Galore!

Apparently AJ just couldn't cope with the Beach House update, and my account's been going everywhere!

We have the (twice occurring) wallpaper/flooring glitch..
This one was taking the shape of a Small Den

Cute Spring Flower Bracelet and a New Editor!

Hai Jamaa, Wolfetter here with some NEW ITEMS!

AJ is welcoming spring with some new (adorable) spring items! Yesterday we had the Spring Flower Crown, and today a CUTE Spring Flower Bracelet.