Friday, 14 April 2017

Animal Jam Updates - April 13, Vol 196

Heya Jammers! I hope you've been having a great fry-day! Today, we have a big update that lots of us are super excited about... the JAMAA EGGSTRAVAGANZA! And boy, this is massive!

Taking up the first page is the introduction to the event

What really interested me was the fact that these pets are a mystery! That means you can't choose which pet you're going to get, and these pets might even be completely new!
Let's turn over to page 2, for more info.

Unfortunately, these cool new eggs are in the diamond shop, and are members only, but honestly... It seems worth it! Everyone is scrambling to get a hold on these eggs. The eggs are three diamonds each, and are customizable (the shell, anyway) so you can even make your egg match your outfit.
Click 'discover this post' to see what eggs I have and all about the animals moving in and out of Jamaa!

The eggs can be found on the left
side of your screen in the diamond
Here are all of my eggs! I had to free some of my previous
pets to make enough space for them. I've got two with shine,
one with spikes, three with sparkles, and one
plain one. I can't wait to see what I get!

My lion loves to walk around Jamaa with his egg, just like loads of other Jammers who are super
egg-cited to to show off their eggs!

On the n-egg-st page of the Journal, we have the sunny-side-up news that snow leopards have returned! That's great news for my leopard, he's been getting egg-stra lonely!

A snow leopard friend at last!

And on the next page, a lovely invitation to the CRUISE SHIP PARTY! This party is actually my favourite party in Jamaa, so I highly suggest you go and have a peek. Some may even say I'm egging you on! (Seriously, though. Go have a look, and enjoy the party!)

The weather is warming up now, which means that Jamaa isn't the place for polar bears anymore. Polar bears are leaving Jamaa to travel to chillier lands, so make sure you grab one in the diamond shop for 10 diamonds before they sk-egg-addle!

My polar bear is a real drama queen - let's hope she doesn't throw a hissy fit over not being invited on the travels...

And the last part of this update is the egg-celent news that our horses will soon be returning! That's cracking! I didn't use my horse enough (and it got glitched), so I've had to delete it, but now I'll be able to nab a new one! I'm egg-static!!

So, guys... How many egg puns did you count? I but y'all are b-egg-ing me to stop, but I'm gonna whisk it! After all, I'm an egg-spert at puns. Am I making you guys eggy? I'm a total egghead when it comes to puns, but it's like treading on eggshells, because I know you guys will get m-egg-a annoyed. I'll have a ton of egg on my face after that egg-cident!

Bye- bye guys. And have an AWESOME weekend!

- Wolfetter -

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