Thursday, 13 April 2017

Animal Jam Updates - March 30, Vol 195

Hey guys! Today, I'm going to be going through the March 30th update of the Jamaa Journal. I know I'm really late, but better late than never! Read below for a competition, as well as all the info about this new update.

On the front page of the Journal, an advertisement for the new Liza's Garden!! 

And I'm not gonna lie, this looks so peaceful and zen. I really love the colours - blue, white and gold really remind me of the friendly panda alpha that we all know and love.

You can buy this beautiful retreat for 7 diamonds in the diamond shop, and honestly, I think it's worth it. I especially love the wide river that runs in front of the garden. Imagine if you had this in real life! It would look gorgeous!

On the next page of the Journal is my personal favourite, is the 1000 buddies update! ONE THOUSAND! That's amazing. Youtubers now get  buddy more fans, and jammers can connect with each other even more than before. I'm glad AJHQ is focusing more on friendly connections than rares during this update. 

As you can see, I only have 20 buddies. I actually don't buddy that many people, so this update isn't very useful to me, but for famous players and players who like to meet new people, they must really appreciate this update!

And on the next page, cheetahs have returned to Jamaa!

Heck yeah! Cheetah POWER!

And my SECOND favourite update of this volume, the introduction of Fast Foodies onto Animal Jam! This was already on Play Wild, but I'm so glad they decided to bring it onto the browser. Don't know how to play?.. Look down below!

How to play Fast Foodies!

'An orange please!'

First, an animal will walk in with a speech bubble above them, with a little food icon in it. For this animal, they want an orange.

Click on their order at the bottom of the screen.

A satisfied customer!

Don't worry, if you make the wrong order, you can just throw it in the trash in the lower left!

Be careful, if the speech bubble goes orange... YA'LL TAKING TOO LONG! 

Unhappy customers will give you less money, so always try to be quick with your orders.
And that's the game! It's a lot of fun. You can find it outside the juice hut in Crystal Sands, or in the game icon on the top bar of your screen (Where the parties, gems, buddies etc. are)

- - - - - - - - - - - - 

Returning to the Jamaa Journal, the Spring Festival is making it's grand return! 

You can find the Spring Festival in the parties list, underneath the Adventure Base Camp (as shown in the picture above)

In this game, the goal is to find as many Easter eggs as possible, which are hidden throughout a huge maze. Some eggs require teamwork to get, so make sure to bring along a few buddies so you can collect all the eggs and gain some awesome prizes!

In the next section of the Journal, the April Fools' Party is here! It's a bit late now, so I don't think the party is on anymore, but hopefully plenty of you have had the opportunity to visit the craziest, topsy-turvy party we all love.

Next, a heads up to the fab exhibit in the Conservation Museum - Speed In Nature! This exhibit showcases the fastest animals in the world, as well as speedy tornadoes and much more speed! As well as the introduction of Fast Foodies, this update has been super high - speed!

When you're checking out the new exhibit, why not donate a few gems to cats in need? Email your best donations to to be in chances of winning a great prize of three rares! The highest donation might even win a RARE SPIKED WRISTBAND!

Last, but not least, our frosty friends will soon be returning from their travels! I'm super excited to see what these big cats have brought back with them. Let's hope they get along well with the new cats in town - the cougars!

I know my snow leopard is SUPER excited to be reunited with his
friends, that have gone on travels. Whilst his leopard buddies have been
exploring, my lazy leopard has been kicking back in the theatre!
That's all for this update, guys! Comment below, what do you like about this update? How do you feel about the new game, Fast Foodies? Have you bought Liza's Garden yet? There's much to talk about, and I'd love to know what you lot think! Once again, make sure you email your highest donation to, as well as proof that you did donate (Eg. Before and afters)
And finally, I'll see you guys in Jamaa. Maybe with a snow leopard!

- Wolfetter -

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