Friday, 14 April 2017

New egg pets.. Leaked??

Hey Jammers! As you know, these new mystery eggs have taken Jamaa by storm. But if there's one 
thing we've been wondering about.. WHAT'S IN 'EM? But first...

People have been debating everywhere, wondering what the new pets will be
(Also, btw, when you go in water.. The egg gets a float. <3)

Also, the nests of eggs are now in every land so you can buy eggs EVERYWHERE!!

Click 'Discover this post' to find out the LEAKED PETS!


Wait.. WHAT!? Looks like the eggs turn into either a chick or a baby eagle.. Needless to say, this is totally adorable. (Pics taken from and

What do you guys think of these leaked cuties? Yay or nay? Comment below, I'd love to find out.


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