Sunday, 16 April 2017

New items and AJA - Create a Terrarium!

Hey Jammers! Today, I'm showing you a few new items that have appeared around Jamaa.

First up, there are two new items in Jam Mart Furniture

(Left to right) Mossy Stone Pathway and a Large Nest.

The mossy stone pathway comes in 8 colours; grey, red, green, yellow, blue, orange, black and pink. The large nest only comes in brown (shown above)

Next, there's one new item in Jam Mart Clothing

These are the new 'Spring Flower Horns', which come in eight colours (White, red, pink, purple, yellow, blue, black, and orange).

That's all for new clothing and furniture (on land and underwater)! BUT, some people have been wondering "How do I get the Eggshell Helmet?' To complete their Easter outfit. Well, you can find this helmet in Mount Shiveer, on the first page of the Hot Cocoa Hut for 650 gems.

That's all for updates in Jamaa, but there's still more! Over on the Daily Explorer, an exciting new post shows everyone how to create a lovely terrarium. Earth day is coming up, and what a better way to show your appreciation?

Send in your terrariums to to be in the chances of winning a huge shoutout!

That's all for today, jammers. Take care and I'll see YOU in Jamaa

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