Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Return Of The Phantoms

Hey Jammers! I'm here with Lilac Fedora, and we both want to say a big WELCOME to the first post on 'Adventures with Lilac Fedora'!

Today we'll be doing the Return Of The Phantoms, Easy Mode. I just though- Why not start in the basics?

So, let's go!

The Burrow is shut! There must be a way to open it!

I found a cork!

One down, three to go!

We finally plugged all of the pipes. Now, we need to water these flowers!

After making everything beautiful, the burrow finally opened! Who knew that we'd find the key?

It's time to open the Phantom Gate...

We found a key that was beyond the gate, and we rescued Daisy!

After finding all the keys, we unlocked all of the prisoners. Take that, phantoms!

Liza helped us on the way!

Hopefully those pesky phantoms have learnt their lesson! It's time to go home.

Super special thanks to Snailalle, or Lilac Fedora on helping me make this!

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