Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Flapper Hat and Rare Item Monday!

Hey Jammers!
 Today, we have a couple of new items in Jamaa. To kick things off: The Flapper Hat

Here is the new item! The original colours are maroon and white, but it also comes in a variety of other colours. This item is 600 gems, and found in our Jam Mart Clothing Shop.

Next, it's Monday! You know what that means...
                                                       RARE ITEM MONDAY!!

Today's rare item Monday can be found in the Medical Center! The Medical Center is an unknown shop that NOBODY goes to, and is found in Kimbara Outback.
 Which nobody goes to.

It's a shame that such a cool place is abandoned. Maybe Jammers should hold a party there! A Cowboy-themed party would be so much fun ^ . ^

When using this fabulous item, I found a little glitch:

Look at the arm!

That Leg Brace isn't part of the item, and isn't meant to be there. Perhaps a future item Monday?

Wel that's all for this post Jammers!
Jam on, and have fun!

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