Monday, 20 July 2015

New Item- Arm Cuffs!

Hey Jammers! Wolfetter back with a new item that will definitely be a part of your outfit.

500 Gems at Jam Mart Clothing

These new items are an asset to most outfits, and look super cool on all animals- especially arctic wolves...

... Want to know how to incorporate the new Arm Cuffs in your outfit? Here are some ideas below!

Outfit 1.

Price: 1,000 gems

I think that this outfit is very mysterious, especially the hat. This arctic wolf is wearing black Arm Cuffs, a black Worn and a black fedora. Arm Cuffs and Fedoras can be found at Jam Mart Clothing for 500 gems each, but worns aren't in stores.
 If you don't have a black worn, you can use any colour or use something else entirely! what do YOU like the look of?

This is a good outfit for a boy or girl, and you can easily change the colours if black isn't your style, like the pink version below!

Outfit 2.

Price: 750 gems

This outfit is sort of christmasy, probably because of the Reindeer Antlers and dark mahogany-red.
 This outfit consists of red Reindeer Antlers and the red Arm Cuffs, so it's a very simple outfit. Like the previous collection, you can always change the colours around, like this blue one I've made.

Outfit 3.

Finally, a sweet, pink fox with the magenta Arm Cuffs. Like all outfits, stir up the colours if you want to! It's all down to you.

That's all for this new item post Jammers! I hope the outfts are okay, and I hope you're okay too! Jam on xx

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  1. Really nice outfits :) I like the 2nd one!