Saturday, 25 July 2015

Jamaa Journal, July 23, Vol 151

Hey you guys! Wolfetter here with a brand-new update!

A new den has made it's way to Jamaa, and landed in the Diamond Shop! For 5 Diamonds each, this bubbly den could be yours! You could host parties, shops or maybe a bouncy school. It's a shame that all new dens, animals and pets are members only, and for the diamond shop however.
Comment below: do you like the fact that so many items are for members, or would you prefer more non-member items?

On page 2: Jamaalidays in July! I wonder why there's snow and ice in Jamaa at this time of year? You shouldn't miss this party though. It ends tomorrow!

The Summer Carnival is busting out even more epic items! Those balloons look so pretty, especially Mira. I can't wait to see them around the lands!

Hyenas have left Jamaa for a while! I wonder if this means that a new animal is coming to town? You never know! What animal do you think will leave the Diamond Shop next?

Battle for the Beacon is coming to an end, and you only have a couple of weeks to nab all of the prizes with your team! Make sure to check it out while it lasts.

  Finally, the cute ferrets and how to get them! They're so adorable, and come with 3 unique items! You can purchase the ferret, a membership, the items, 10 diamonds and a LOAD of gems at Target, Walmart, Gamestop and more!

That's it for today, Jammers. What do you think of this update? Should I carry on using the tabs at the top? Tell me, I'd love to hear your opinion. Have fun, stay safe and JAM ON!

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