Thursday, 14 May 2015

Jamaa Journal, May 12, Vol 146

Hey Jammers, Wolfetter back with a new UPDATE! It's odd that this one was on a Wednesday and not a Thursday. Have they changed it? Who knows!
Well, back on topic, cheetahs are BACK! 

It also seems that they've brought a new minibook with them.
This is the How To Draw section, my fave bit!

Also, we now have a cool new minigame for all players! Introducing.. BOWLING!

This game is super fun, and once I got a strike! Happy BOWLING!

Next, the votes have been counted for our new den item set... What will it be?... IT'S THE MECHANICAL FUTURE DEN ITEMS! These items actually transform and move into bigger items when you click the button, and it comes complete with fire-breathing Mama Dragon, and the adorable, egg-hatching Baby Dragon! AWW!
That dragon's pretty expensive!
And, we have an animal leaving us as the cheetahs return.. Yeah, my favourite AJ animal (who literally JUST arrived) is leaving Animal Jam for a few months (or years, think about those rhinos ages ago!).
Goodbye, Otters...
Well, I have two otters so I should be fine! Buy an otter before they leave us, because they are well worth it!

And now, the one and only SUMMER CARNIVAL is on it's way! I am SO excited! The summer carnival is the best event ever, and you can get loads of epic necklaces and giant plushies... WHOOO!

Look out for those banners, Jamaa!
Lastly, Spring Bunnies are still available from now until July, so purchase a membership to enjoy one of those Flower-Patterned bunnies!

Whew, that was a long post! I'll see you later, with another AJ post. Keep JAMMING!

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