Sunday, 10 May 2015

Glitches Galore!

Apparently AJ just couldn't cope with the Beach House update, and my account's been going everywhere!

We have the (twice occurring) wallpaper/flooring glitch..
This one was taking the shape of a Small Den

I'm not sure what den this one was thinking of though!
Comment if any of you guys have had this glitch happen to you!

Also, my fox and arctic wolf went flying a few days ago:

They are higher than they should be, and the name tag says tempAvt!
Has this happened to you either?

Here are some other glitches I've encountered, all of them weird and wonderful!

Tigers underwater? Whaat?

Adventure log still there on adventure? Seriously?!

Sit in new positions with a slide glitch! Fun!

Remember to comment below if any of you have seen or done these glitches yourself. See you next time Jammers!


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