Monday, 29 June 2015

Freedom Mohawk: a Bug or an Easter Egg?

So, many Jammers have noticed the mystery behind the Freedom Mohawk. Was it a bug? Was it an Easter Egg? 
For those who don't know what happened: Here it is.

This is what the Freedom Mohawk looked like on 28/06/15
You can see that it's completely and utterly FREE!! Zero, Zilch, Nada gems!

Now, when I visited the beautiful Freedom Party today...

What's up with that? 700 GEMS! It's pretty expensive compared to the other items, so how did it go on sale for 0 gems?! If you've read my previous post about the Freedom Party (available by clicking the Party tab up by the header), you can see I thought it was so everyone could celebrate America's freedom, but apparently not.

Oh, well! This could actually be used for a sneaky way to make gems.... I got about 7 whilst they were free, and they recycle for almost 220 gems, so if you got a few too- go ahead and recycle them!


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