Saturday, 9 May 2015

More Summer Fun Items!

Hola Jammers! Wolfetter here, with some more summer fun heading our way! Today, we have the returning Croquet Set:

This can be found at  Jam Mart Furniture, for 400 gems. It comes in 8 different 'colours' that are really well thought out! Click the colour button, and different Croquet items come up: such as balls and nets ^.^

We also have the returning Horseshoe set, alongside the Croquet set in Jam Mart Furniture:

This also comes in 8 different 'colours' which are horseshoes!

Well Jammers, enjoy this new theme: Summer fun, at your dens, because once summer's come and gone... You won't be seeing these for a while!

BYE! Wolfetter

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