Sunday, 3 May 2015

Jamaa Journal, April 30th, Vol 145

Hey Jammers! Its Wolfetter here with a pretty big update! Animal Jam has created a HUGE new den! It's called the Beach House, and can be bought for 7 diamonds at our one and only DIAMOND SHOP! Do you guys like the new den? Did any of you expect new land or a new adventure? We'd love to know!

And, we've got another DEN SET voting contest! What will you vote for, a Techy Futuristic den, a Beachy, Sand Castle haven, or maybe you want to see if you can find the remains of some Phantoms, in the Excavation Site den!

I voted for the Sand Castle den, what about you?

And there's more! Cheetahs will soon be racing back to Jamaa! Did any of you guys miss them? Apparently, they'll be back in the Diamond Shop by the 14th OF MAY!

YAY! I've never had a cheetah, they look so cool though! Do any of you guys have a cheetah?

Well that's ALL FOLKS! Check back in next update for our Bubble in it all. Have a nice day!

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