Saturday, 9 May 2015

Inline Skates and a Bicycle to ride

    (shouts from dark corner)
"I'm BAACK!!"

Are you happy to see me!?.. What do you mean, 'no?'.
Ugh.. Well, hey Jammers, Wolfetter here with more new (and actually nm!) items, straight from Jam Mart Furniture.
These two also follow a Summer Fun line, like the last few items. 
We have the Inline Skates...

Not many people notice that this makes up an Arctic wolf, or Hyena face! The toe has two odd shapes, which are nostrils, and the heel is the eye ^.^

Now, we have the bicycle.. I wonder what it looks like when you sit on it..

- u-

Check in every day to see the new world of Jamaa!

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