Saturday, 15 August 2015

Silky Scarf outfits!

What's up Jammers? It's Wolfetter here with a new post! I realised that I haven't done an outfit post for quite a while, so I thought that we could change that! The new item, Silky Scarf, is going to be the focus on today's entry.

Available at Jam Mart Clothing, this item is regal and beautiful! 

So, what outfits can we create with this?

Outfit One

Colour: Green

This outfit really screams 'Nature!'. If you would like to get in touch with your floral, and nature side, this outfit is definitely for you. The greens and whites really compliment eachother, and the flower crown adds a feminine touch.

Outfit Two

Colour: Blue

This aquatic outfit is elemental, and the purple and blues blend together perfectly. If you'd like an icy flare, then collect these items and this outfit is yours! The scarf really completes the outfit, don't you agree?

Outfit Three

Colour: Pink

This final outfit is one for a cute detective. Whether solving scams, hacks or glitches, this bunny is even more prepared by having the right gear! The pinks contrast brilliantly, and the bold blue eyes are held together by the white ears. The scarf turns this whole outfit into more than just a hat!
All of these items are available at Jam Mart Clothing

That's all for right now Jammers, Hopefully these outfits spark a bit of inspiration! Enjoy your day, and I hope to see you later. Bye!


  1. Hey Wolfetter, I love your blog, wanna be Blogger Buddies? We support eachothers blogs and be buddies. I am iLoppio33 and mah blog is Anyways, for the blue outfit, the scark doesn't really look nice on the fox because the fur is the exact same colour. Try not to do that, or it just makes ypur animal look a bit fat, know what I'm saying?

    1. Aww, thanks for supporting me and my blog! I'd love to be Blogger Buddies! Your blog is wonderful and It's obvious you've put a lot of work into it. As for the outfit, thanks for your advice! It's very hard to create good outfits aha ^ ,^
      xx Wolfetter