Monday, 10 August 2015

Animal Jam Updates: National Honeybee Day!

Hello Jammers! Whew, what a long break that was! It's not like me to be away from you lovely people for so long.

Today's update: National Honeybee day!

YAY! Honeybees are so pretty,  they're one of my favourite animals so it's nice to see them bee 

These adorable, honeycombed banners have been buzzing around Jamaa, each one with an interesting fact!

And what's a celebration without some items? Here are the epic items!
Bumblebean Bag Chair?...

These won't be around for long, so be sure to make a bee-line to Jam- Mart Furniture!

And here are the bee-utiful clothing items, decorated with yellow and black stripes! I love it ^. ^

Thats all for the bumblebee update, have fun around Jamaa, and JAM ON!

{First to spot all of my half-combed puns gets a prize XD}

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