Wednesday, 19 August 2015

The Phantom Portal

Whew, what a long time since our last adventure with Lilac Fedora! This time, join us on the Phantom Portal...

Our first task, plugging the phantom pipes. Why do those Pesky Phantoms hide them so well?

The phantoms are no match for team Lilac and Wolfetter!

Oh no! The phantoms are ganging up on us... We should try to hide in the long grass, it's the safest option!

At least the scenery is still beautiful!

The phantoms are doing well! I'm so close to fainting...

Our next task, watering the Chomper Plants. Hopefully they'll gobble up the phantoms soon!

We've found the key, and we're venturing into the phantom gate! Wish us luck.

The place is littered with phantom webs! How do we get through?

Time to rescue the trapped monkeys. They're in trouble!

One down, three to go! 

The phantoms are close to attacking! We should be careful.

We've fainted, but we won't let the phantoms win!

After rescuing the monkeys, we have to jump on the Mira emblem to unlock the hidden cave.

Liza has arrived! We have to find the items, and give them to her.

We found them all! YAY!

Our prize was rare, and definitely worth it.

Finally, the phantoms have been defeated!

We hope to see you next time, where we'll play even better!

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