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Animal Jam Updates - April 12th 2018

Hey guys! Wolfetter here, coming right at ya to explore the new Animal Jam update! This update came out on the 12th of April, and holds some pretty exciting stuff. If you haven't seen the update, I recommend you check it out first and then see my views on it.

First up... Sabertooths have bounded into Jamaa! 

Everybody was trying to figure out what the statue could be... Was it a dinosaur? Maybe some sort of aquatic creature? Even a weirdly shaped dodo? No, the true identity was a sabertooth. These animals can be found in the Diamond Shop for 10 diamonds. These are members only, and everyone has been scrambling to buy one.

Sabertooths were the LARGEST cat to ever live the Earth? They could grow up to 400kg, which is as heavy as a fully grown horse!

Click 'discover this post' to find out what these creatures look like in Jamaa, as well as their unique actions!


 When you click to buy one of these animals, here is the art work that is shown:

They're huge, stocky and look ready to pounce at any moment. I'm a big fan of the Animal Jam artwork in general, and this really takes the cake. Do you like it? Let me know in the comments.

Around Jamaa, plenty of Jammers are dressing up their sabertooths and running around, enjoying the new animal.
If this is you, you have a great outfit! You're really rocking those dance moves too.

 I had some spare time, so I decided to customise my sabertooth. I decided to focus on dark colours and then a bright pop of white for the eyes and tummy. How do you think I did?


After dressing up my animal, I thought it'd be a good idea to see what kind of actions I could do. 
I started with the dancing:

Then the jumping...

And then the playing, where the animal sees a butterfly and rushes to catch it before it flies away

The sleeping...

 And finally, the sitting!

What do you think of the sabertooths actions? Do you like them? Personally, I like them a lot! The play action is cute, funny, and really shows off the personality.


I haven't found many glitches with the sabertooths yet, but one I did find is shown below

As you can see, when a sabertooth wears a tiara, the colours go all strange! Uh-oh! Although, this does look pretty cool.


Summer is surely approaching, and with the sun comes the famous Cruise Ship Party! In this party, you're joined on a luxurious ship with other jammers and can buy smoothies, chill in the pool, buy some cool summery items and have a good time on deck!

This party has been a part of Animal Jam since 2012, so it's lovely to see it come back again 6 years later. In my opinions, it's a classic part of Animal Jam summertime!


Next up in the Jamaa Journal, the opportunity to refer a friend! Animal Jam is made to play with your friends and other jammers, so it's great to invite people you care about. To refer a friend, give them your unique code to put into the search bar, and then they can sign up and earn you 1500 gems!
It's a win-win situation!

If you'd like to sign up to Animal Jam using my referral code, here it is:
It would be great to see some of you guys join Animal Jam if you haven't already, and get involved with updates just like this one.


One of my favourite parts of the year is how Animal Jam celebrates Earth day. It's really inspiring how much National Geographic cares about the environment, and we all should too! Earth day falls on April 22nd this year, and its a great time to appreciate Mother Nature and the beautiful Earth around us! 

Want to help celebrate and save our planet? Why not...

  • Donate to a charity! Some I recommend are the WWF, Born Free (a charity to help wild animals stay in the wild and not in captivity), the RSPB (which protects birds) and the Woodland Trust.
  • RECYCLE! This is actually a really important part of keeping our world clean. Try getting different bins to put separate materials in (like plastic, paper and glass) and know that you're helping your community.
  • Walk or ride a bike instead of taking a car. Taking a car, bus or motorcycle releases toxic fumes into the air which contributes to global warming. Also, walking is a great and easy way to keep fit and enjoy the outdoors too.
  • Compost! Don't waste food and throw it out. It's easy to compost and also helps our surroundings to flourish. Why not research more on composting here?
  • Don't litter. This is a serious problem in cities and urban areas especially. People are always dropping cans, bags, wrappers and cigarette butts. The problem is, animals are curious and like to investigate everything they see. If you drop a chocolate wrapper, a fox might run up to it and try to eat it! Or a mouse might get his head stuck in it. Take responsibility and wait until you see a bin and you could save a life.

ITS THAT SIMPLE! You can do one of these or all of these, and we will be one step closer to restoring our planet.


Wow, is this game addictive or what? Dash Tag has quickly become my favourite game and I'm trying to get all the achievements. It's so hard to put it down! 

Don't believe me? Download Dash Tag and see for yourself. Try and beat my highscore of 52622!
Who's your favourite pet? Mine is Felicia the fox. She's so pretty and has awesome boosts too.

That marks the end of today's Animal Jam update. I've really enjoyed playing around with the sabertooths, exploring the cruise ship party and researching what I can do to help the environment! What was your favourite part of this update?

I'll see you all in Jamaa!
- Wolfetter -

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