Friday, 31 July 2015

New Scooter and Mira Balloon!

Heyo Jammers! Not much happening in Jamaa today, but we do have a new item in store!

The new scooter, only at Jam mart Clothing! This item is 800 gems (I have nearly no gems) and members-only! Grab yours today...  So you can have a speedy journey to the Summer Carnival!

Today, finally, we have the items mentioned in the Jamaa Journal! The... Pink... Mira balloon, along with the original Zios balloon! How sweet! I wonder why Mira is in a blushing rose though? You would expect her to be in a classic blue. Luckily, you can change the colours by tapping the rainbow icon in the bottom right!
That's all for today Jammers! Look out for more fun updates, giveaways and posts throughout the Animal Jam Bubble! They'll be coming very soon.

Have fun, stay safe and JAM ON!

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