Monday, 13 July 2015

Jamaa Journal, July 9, Vol 150

Hey Jammers! Wolfetter here with the next, HUGE update!

For the main update: The Jammer Wall!

A lovely chatting wall with amazing options to personalize and edit your messages and background, such as...

Fun colours for your speech...

Creative patterns for the chat background... 

and in-game wallpapers for your personal Jammer Wall!

For more about the Jammer Wall, visit my last post where you can see a few Q and A's!

Now, for the new, cute pets!

Oh, pet peacocks! That's what I voted for, so am I glad that these sweet pets are in Jamaa! The colour combinations for these colourful birds are very imaginative- including rainbow, fire and plain feathers.

For the next page, some new EXCAVATION SITE items!

These items are so epic! Some of them remind me of the Forgotten Desert.... 
Anyway, I really look forward to when that patched tent and huge phantom are released! I'll definitely be using those den accesories.

Finally, another new pet has stumbled into Jamaa, and I'm so happy it did!

Look at these fellas! I love them so much, they definitely will be in my pet inventory soon enough. They come with three cute items too, an ADORABLE couch, a super sweet lamp and a cool ferret play set. So much fun!

So guys, this update has been pretty eventful... Two new pets, AJ Facebook, New items... Enjoy it while it lasts!

Jam On!

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