Sunday, 19 April 2015

Horned leg pads and more!

Hey Jamaa, Wolfetter here with a new CLOTHING ITEM! We have quite a few if you think about it...
Well, this new item is HORNED LEG PADS! You can also get these by winning the claw in the trading party, but not many people knew that so it was considered 'beta'. It is not.

You can buy these in Jam Mart Clothing for 100 gems, and they come in 8 really cool colours! 

Also, whilst I was mucking about in Bahari Bay, I discovered this unusual glitch (or not a glitch, idk). When you're an otter and you wear any colour Seashell Necklace, the pattern is striped, not swirled!

So, I don't know if AJ did this on purpose, but I think it's really pretty ^3^

Well, I'll see you later Jammers, JAM ON!

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